Thursday, January 12, 2017

Summer Conterio: Birth Story

Summer Conterio
Born: August 26th, 2016
5:15 PM
7 lbs 5 ounces 
19 inches 

This is Summer's birth story and to have a birth story we must start at the beginning. I was breaking out super bad and I jokingly said to Jer "The last time I broke out this bad I was pregnant" I think his reply was "You better not be!" Super funny now. I was also taking Tums daily for heartburn and I was a getting a little nauseous here and there. Finally after almost falling asleep sitting up at 10 AM I decided to take a test. (To get personal here.. my periods have always been very irregular.. so that has never been a sign for me) When I went to my first Doctors appointment they measured the baby and looked at my LMP. Summer measured 5 days smaller on the ultrasound but they decided to keep my due date from my LMP. Around 16 weeks I did that test for down syndrome and it came back positive but our chances where still very low, I think it came back around 1/120. After meeting multiple times with the specialist she thought that it probably just came back positive because my due date was wrong. She thought my due date should be Sept 7th! Almost two weeks later. When you are pregnant that is never good news. After talking with my Doctors they felt the specialist was wrong and the ultrasound at my first appointment was more accurate so they kept my due date at August 26th.

Since Summer was such a big surprise we decided to keep the gender a surprise too. After multiple failed attempts to get me to go into labor "naturally" I went in for another appointment around 39.5 weeks. My Doctor told me that she thought the baby was getting big and since my last baby (Carter) was 9 lbs if I wanted to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) she thought it was smart to be induced. So we set the appointment on my due date of August 26th. 

The hospital called me the night before being induced and said that they were full of times but to call in the morning to see what time I could come in. When I called the next morning around 7 they told me to come right in. Well I was not ready! I thought they would give me a time.. a few hours or something! So I we rushed to get ready, get the kids settled with family and off we went!

We both had thought Summer was a boy. The night before we were talking with our friends about names and we had written down about 3 different options for boy names. I said to Jeremy "Okay lets talk about girl names." He said, "No its not a girl, we don't even need to think about it." So off we went to the hospital with not one girl name in mind.

We arrived, got checked in, and they started me on a small amount of pitocin. At 10 AM I started walking around to try to get things going but nothing was happening. Around noon they decided to break my water and continued to up my doses of pitocin. I always like to feel the contractions and be in actual pain (just for a little while) but around 1:30 they were really starting to hurt so I asked for my epidural. By 2 I had my epidural and was feeling great. At 4 I asked them to make sure the baby wasn't posterior like Carter. When she checked me I was at a 5 and she said the baby might be a little turned so she gave me this thing they call the "peanut" to see if it could help turn the baby. I called my Mom who was coming back from Salt Lake to let her know I was still at a 5, she was on her way but there had been a crash at the point of the mountain so it was taking her a while. At 4:30 I started feeling a lot of pressure. So they checked me again and I was at about a 7.5. I called my Mom again to tell her to hurry. Around 4:45 I knew I was ready to push. My Dr was delivering 4 babies around that same time so I had to wait until a little after 5 to start pushing. I called my Mom again and she still wasn't there. I started to cry knowing she wouldn't be there. This would be my first delivery with just Jeremy and I but it turned out so perfect that way.

I pushed through two contraction and they could see her head. My Doctor told me if I wanted to keep pushing I could or wait until the next contraction. I said I would just keep pushing. I pushed two more times and Summer entered the world at 5:15 PM. I asked no one in the room to tell me what gender of the baby was because I wanted to see for myself. So right after I delivered and the Doctor handed Summer to me, I was so surprised to see it was a girl. I looked at Jeremy and said, "Its a girl?!!!!?" Ohhh but it was always meant to be a girl. It was love at first sight all over again. My Doctor asked Jeremy if he wanted to cut the cord.. but Jer gets a little grossed out by that so nicely declined. So my Doctor turned to me and asked if I wanted to. I was like "YES!" So I cut the cord. Summer didn't really cry so they asked if they could take her to make sure everything was okay with her. But now we have come to know that is just Summer, she is calm, sweet and doesn't make a peep.

After they gave her back she was instantly ready to nurse. My mom was holding her (she got there minutes after I delivered) and she just kept trying to open her mouth for something. She was so easy to latch and nursed like a pro. This was by far my best delivery. Kennedy swallowed meconium which led her to being in the hospital for a week. Carter was a C-section because he was posterior and 9 lbs. I was so happy and relieved everything went okay. Third times a charm.

Jeremy started looking up names right away. He had come up with two others but I wasn't really sold on them. As soon as he said Summer. I said, "I like Summer" he said, "I like Summer too." It's weird how names almost just pick them. I have heard the name Summer before but never thought I wanted to name a kid that. I would always say I want a "Summer baby" (We have a Fall and Winter) so ideally I thought it was a good idea to get pregnant in the Fall of 2016 but I still got my Summer baby and my Little Miss Summer.

Summer you are literally the prefect baby you have slept through the night since you were a fews weeks old, you smile, laugh, and are always just content. We love you more than you will ever know. Thank you for changing our lives once again!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Carter Paul Conterio: Birth Story

Carter Paul Conterio 
Born: March 2, 2014
Time: 1:17 PM
9 lb 0 oz 
19.5 inches

This pregnancy was completely different than with Kennedy. I was a lot more sick, I gained mostly just in my belly, and oh ya the fact that I had a 9 pound baby. My stomach was huge and I kept saying I am scared I will have a 10 pound baby but everyone kept saying nooo he will be like in the 7 range. Not so. Anyways I tried everything to get Carter out. I jumped, jogged, I tried oils, teas, herbs. Honestly if its on the internet I tried it. I could have been induced in February a week early but I felt weird picking his birthday and I didn't want pitocin >>to me thats what caused Kennedy's problems<< Also, at the beginning of this pregnancy I said I wanted him to be a March baby, I was born in March and I like the month of March (nothing against February). So secretly I still wanted him to be a March baby even though I wanted him out. 

March 1st, I went on a walk with Jeremy and on the way back I said to myself over and over again. "I am going to have a baby today." We decided to go on a little last date before the baby would come. We went to a movie and during the movie I had about 3 strong contractions. We came home and around 9 pm they started to be more frequent. Around 11 we called Jeremy's Dad to come over to watch Kennedy while we went to the hospital. At midnight we headed over to American Fork Hospital (which is a street over now from us). We checked in, they hooked me up, and checked me and said I was at a 2 (with Kennedy I didn't dilate on my own so this was good.) They said they would keep me for an hour and see if I changed. At about 1:30 she came back and I was at a 3. So they kept me. I got my epidural around 3:00 AM and they broke my water at the same time. I got really sick after this. I was throwing up a lot (which never happened with Kennedy). My blood pressure kept dropping, I would get extremely cold and start shaking. My epidural wore off 4 times (this did happen with Kennedy so I don't think my body likes them) At 7:00 am the nurse came in to check me and said I was at a 9.5. She informed me that in the next hour hour-half Carter would be here! Well 8:30 came and she checked me and I was still at a 9.5. Then around 9:30 am she checked me and I was still at a 9.5. At this point they figured out that Carter was  posterior. Which means he is head down but the wrong way. The doctor tried to get him to flip and they tried some other things but he wasn't moving. At 11:45 am the doctor came back in, he told me we could wait as long as I wanted because Carter was not under any stress. He then said he didn't think he was going to move, and I would most likely have to have a c-section. I cried, actually I bawled, I had no energy left after throwing up so much and feeling the contractions but I did not want to have a c section. I told him we would wait until 12:30 pm and if he hadn't flipped then we could. During that time I thought I was dying, I even said to everyone, "I am dying." I could feel everything. I didn't want them to give me another shot of the epidural because I thought maybe that was keeping me from dilating. Well finally around 1 they came in to take me to the "surgery room" I don't know what they call it. I have never been so scared in my life, I begged them to put me to sleep. I cried a lot. I know my arms were shaking uncontrollably, I threw up all over my hair and I remembered them asking if I could feel them poking me. After they pulled him out the Doctor said he was so wedged in there he would have never flipped and the fact that he was 9 pounds I would have had a hard time getting him out anyways. 

Carter came into this world healthy though and that is what we are thankful for! He is the sweetest little boy. He sleeps wonderfully. He usually wakes up about once a night. He does have reflux and I think he gets really gassy sometimes but he still is a good baby. He does have a great cry that can be heard a mile away. Kennedy is the sweetest little thing with him. She says things like, "I love baby brother" "I want to hold baby brother" "He is so cute" He is so little" "Hes a good baby" "His hair is so soft" She just wants to touch touch touch. Which she was sick and now Carter is. Thumbs down. Recovery has been much harder than with Kennedy, and I can't take a bath for another 3 weeks. I am dying. I just want to take a bath! 

These are some pictures from my phone
This was the day before I had him
38 weeks 

I don't remember this but its right after the c section when I was back in my room

His first bath! 

He won't sleep unless he is being held. This was our first night home.

Here are some pictures from our camera